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About Us

At Perfect Care Consultant you will find a comprehensive range of financial, wealth and asset management services in Singapore, as well as a level of experience and expertise that is unrivalled in Singapore. As your personal and business financial circumstances change, so do your objectives and requirements. Thus, we have a unique ability to satisfy all of these needs.


Our team of expert professionals, with an impressive history in the financial and business sector, can provide our clients with the ideal combination of finance knowledge, experience and expertise. At Perfect Care Consultant we endeavor to offer you with the best financial advice when you or your business needs it, not just when you ask for it.


We can assist with the management of all aspects of your personal and business financial requirements and due to the fact we develop a one-on-one working relationship with every one of our clients, our information and guidance is customized for your individual requirements. Based on an assessment of a client’s specific needs and preferences, our finance consultants provide an objective comparison of all available financial services, to find exactly the right loan, banking solution, mortgage, trade loan and more for our clients.


We've also established accountancy solutions, wealth management & investments and legal advisory & services through our panel of partners into innovative client-orientated solutions. Our unmatched flexibility and adaptability ensures we help you achieve the best financial results.


Financial Advice & Wealth Management Services

Personal Clients

  • • Assessment & referral of property loans (Singapore & Overseas)
  • • Evaluation and analysis for loan refinancing
  • • Personal banking solutions
  • • Retirement planning
  • • Wealth management
  • • Wealth protection

Corporate Clients

  • • Commercial & Industrial Loans
  • • Working Capital Cycle and strategies
  • • Evaluate, analyze and restrategize business finance
  • • Project financing and Syndicated loans
  • • Trade Facilities
  • • Revolving Credit Line
  • • Short and Medium Business Loans for SMEs
  • • Corporate hire purchase
  • • Specialized Asset Financing
  • • Institutional Investment Strategy & Solutions

Benefits of our Finance Consultancy Services

Our Financial expert from Perfect Care Consultant will help you build a secure financial plan that can offer amazing benefits for your personal or business banking requirements.


Personal Clients

  • • Identify the ideal finance solution for personal banking
  • • Audit & refer your wealth management strategy
  • • Achieve your financial objectives and goals for the future
  • • Ensure the ideal banking solutions are in place for you and your family
  • • Establish wealth creation opportunities and tactics
  • • Maximize earning potential of capital

Corporate Clients

  • • Ease working capital cycle
  • • Maximize cash flow
  • • Effective management of business finance
  • • Consultation for corporate banking solutions
  • • Measuring required returns
  • • Advice for managing assets
  • • Advice for managing expenses


Our aim is to help individuals and businesses in Singapore make smart decisions with their money so they may achieve financial security. We listen to your needs and take the time to appreciate your concerns and values. We work tirelessly to ensure you are educated and informed about your financial prospects, all the while, guiding you through the often-difficult decision-making process.


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