Overseas Property Loan

Residential properties in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong  and Malaysia


We understand that you or your family members may have personal requirement to consider overseas property investments as a replacement for rent due to length of stay, studies or work.

This decision may be medium to long term.


The minimum loan amount for Australia/ New Zealand/ UK properties is AUD300,000 or its equivalent in SGD, NZD, USD, GBP and other currencies on application. The maximum loan amount is subject to your individual circumstance, such as your ability to service the loan, the security provided and other credit criteria.


Banks may lend up to 80% of the lower of the purchase price or certified value of the security property only where the loan is in the currency of the country where the property located.

Loans up to 100% of the purchase price of the oversea property may be considered with the provision of additional supporting security.


Alternatively, Bank may lend up to 75% of the lower of the purchase price or market value of the security property in SGD, USD, AUD, NZD, GBP or other currencies with the ability to switch between those currencies at each roll-over date.

All loans are subject to prior credit approval and satisfactory documentation.


In some countries there are regulatory and taxation requirements relating to potential investments which must be satisfied by foreign investors. Our Overseas Property Finance solutions provide a simple and flexible way for our customers to purchase or refinance properties in Australia , United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. They also allow you to take advantage of investment opportunities by borrowing against your existing properties.




Minimum loan amount for Australian, New Zealand and UK properties at AUD300,000 or its equivalent in SGD, NZD, USD and other currencies on application

Maximum loan amount subject to individual circumstance

Borrow in the currency of either the country in which your property is situated or the currency in which your salary is paid.


Currency switches are available for the term of the loan.

Loan tenure can be up to 25 years with principal and interest repayments on a monthly or quarterly basis and interest rate package can be variable or fixed interest rate.


If your choice is to take up a onshore foreign property financing, TDSR will not apply for these on-shore property financing, this means that our financiers allow Singaporean to take up to 80% financing even you have existing property financing in Singapore. Currently this benefit only applies for Australia property prior further notification from our panel of financiers if they offer their financing feature to other countries.


Commercial and industrial properties in Australia and Hong Kong


Investors can look forward to our service to provide commercial and industrial property financing in Australia. We work closely with up to 6 financiers and banks in Australia mainly with on-shore financing with features like interest only loans, term loan with capital repayment, refinancing for unencumbered Australian property, etc .


With Perfect Care, we make financing simpler!


We want to know your requirements. Every customer is unique and we have the platform to cater to your needs. You make your plans, we create the solution and our network of financiers draw the blue prints.