Residential Property Loan

Buying a home is one of the biggest decision making process that most Singaporeans or consumers need to make in their life.

Before you make that decision, there are several critical components that you have to consider.



-              Cash / CPF requirements,

-              Legal conveyancing cost,

-              CPF repayment withdrawal,

-              Housing loan requirements,

-              Interest rate and loan tenure

-              Loan servicing ability,

-              Property will be solely for owner-occupation, tenanted or to be tenanted in the future

-              Any plans to purchase a secondary property, etc.

-              Cash flow management.



-              Renovation loans

-              Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA)


All these considerations is all about decisions.


At Perfect Care Consultant, our unparalleled track record of service, strength and reliability gives you confidence in every decision you make.

Financing your home is about more than finding an attractive rate.

What is the shortest way to make repayment?

When and how to allocate resources to manage difficult times due to changes in individual employment life?

Who will monitor and notify me for a better offer before the expiry period of my existing loan lock in period?


At Perfect Care Consultant, we thrive in the challenge of assisting our clients attain financial security and freedom. We listen and understand your requirements and objectives and deliver sound advice according to your financial position, so you can rest assured you have the ideal plan in place to protect your future.


As we engages ourselves with more than 20 banks and financiers in Singapore, we know the market better than anyone else. Our rates are amongst the best in Singapore. You can trust us to offer customised packages that truly meet your needs.


With Perfect Care Consultant, we make it simple.


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