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Commercial Property Loan

Commercial properties consist of several types of properties. They are made up of the following:


-             Retail Shops

-             Offices

-             Shop-houses (Private and HDB)

-             Medical Suites


Commercial properties usually have a longer lease of more than 60 years as compared to industrial properties. A large majority of private commercial properties made up of 999 years and freehold. There is a portion of commercial properties in the market sold by HDB primarily to consumer and business owners and they consist of HDB shop units or shop-houses which are of 99 years lease or shorter.


Therefore, Banks and Financial Institutions are generally providing a longer financing tenure of the loan which is up to 25 years loan tenure. Banks and Financial institutions can financed up to 80% of the purchase price or valuation whichever is lower for owner’s occupation or own usage.


In recent years, there is a rise in commercial properties speculation activities and they are usually property investors (local /foreign) or investment companies as they are not strictly controlled by the Singapore government.


In Year 2013, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has imposed stricter lending requirements through Banks and Financial Institutions on individual investors and investment holding companies to control the amount of financing granted to these group of property investors.


At Perfect Care Consultant, we work with a panel of more than 20 Banks and Financial Institutions. This makes financing of your commercial purchases so much simpler.


Our expertise in the financial sector, strengthen and unparalleled network of banking relationships can provide customized solutions to fit to your unique individual or corporate needs.


We provide financing solutions across all segment, which amount from Retail Banking (up to SGD2 million) category to Large Corporate Banking (more than SGD 100 million) size.


With Perfect Care Consultant, we make it simple for you!